Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance Is Important

Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance Is Important (1)

It may be the end of Summer or Winter, whenever you happen to be reading this, but that doesn’t mean that your HVAC maintenance stops there. If you’re not using your unit, this does not mean that you should not care for it and wait until next year to check if it still works properly.

We all do maintenance on our vehicles and have to, regardless of how often a vehicle is driven, and your HVAC unit should not be an exception to that rule.

Here are a couple of reasons why HVAC maintenance is important:

1. Identifying Problems

It’ll help you to be able to identify any problems that your unit may have, ahead of time so that you’re ready to face the new season’s weather. There’s nothing worse than having a unit that does not work in 100 or 40-degree weather. If these problems are spotted earlier, you’ll be able to enjoy your home or business, no matter what the weather is like.

2. Cleaner Units

One of the contributors to having poor indoor air quality are units that are not clean. Having a proper maintenance schedule also means that you’ll have clean units that won’t contribute to your indoor air.

3. More Energy Efficient Units

If your unit is maintained, this will also help contribute to increasing the efficient use of energy. This of course can lead to energy savings each year as your unit does not have to over-perform because of any issue that may be going on.

4. Helps with Warranty

If your unit is still under warranty, it’ll help to be able to know if something fails, in a timely manner. In fact, there are HVAC manufacturers that actually require that you have maintenance done on a unit each year and may ask for proof of this, in the event of any warranty claims.

5. Helps Maximize the Units Life

If you’ve just invested in a new HVAC unit, you’ll want to make sure that you can get it to work as long as possible; regular maintenance is what’ll help it have a longer life.

6. Safe Home

This is especially true if you have an older HVAC unit but all units should be as safe as possible. What would make a unit be unsafe? Well in the event that your home is not properly ventilated, carbon dioxide, which is produced by gas & oil furnaces, can be trapped. It happens to be a dangerous gas as it is odorless and poisonous. Fortunately, regular maintenance also means that ventilation will also be checked to ensure that this concentration of gas is actually leaving your home.

7. Fewer Repair Costs (if any)

If you do the math, over time, you’ll spend less if your unit has maintenance done on it each year. Of course, there’s a lower likelihood that you would even call to have something repaired as proper maintenance means that any issue would’ve been detected already.

8. Less Downtime

Your air conditioner stops working during a day with 100-degree weather or your heater stops working with a day of 40-degree weather and you’ve probably had to wait to get it fixed. We’ve all been there. The downtime might seem longer especially when the weather is at an extreme temperature. Proper maintenance means that there is a much lower probability that you’ll have to deal with these things.

9. Great Shopping & Working Experience

If you own a business, it’s critical that your HVAC unit is working properly as any downtime also means that you run the risk of losing a lot of business and having unproductive employees. How many times have you been to a business where the air conditioning or heater, doesn’t work? Have you spent a lot of time there? Probably not. Having a unit that’s working also means that more of your customers will want to spend more time in your business and your employees will be happier going to work each day.

10. Enjoying Any Season At Home

It’ll simply allow you to enjoy being at home, regardless of what season we’re in. We all have busy lives and being able to go back to a home with an HVAC unit working as efficiently as possible is the best thing that one could ask for, especially after a busy day at work.

As you can tell, regular HVAC maintenance is a critical thing to do, to ensure that your unit is ready to tackle the most extreme weather conditions in your area. Anyone living in our area knows that not having a properly working HVAC unit can be very inconvenient especially during our record hot months.

Fortunately, Valley Air Conditioning & Heating offers a preventative maintenance program in Modesto and the surrounding areas, called, Comfort Care 365. We’ve been in business since 1964 and know every single issue that your unit has and are ready to help you with all of your HVAC needs.

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