Why is indoor air quality important?

Why is indoor air quality important_

It’s normal for us to detect the air quality on the outside. If you were living in Northern California back in 2018, you probably became an expert in the subject matter after the disastrous fires that we had. It was the topic that was in everyone’s conversations. But did you know that your indoor air quality is equally if not more important?

Let’s face it, you likely spend more time inside your home or office, so most of your day is likely in an indoor environment. Even if this isn’t the case, who wouldn’t want to get away from the outdoor air pollutants and come to a clean home?

What is indoor air quality?

Indoor Air Quality is in reference to the quality of air inside a home or building. It’s a critical thing to look at because bad indoor air quality over time can cause harm to the occupants of the home or building.


What are some of the sources of indoor air pollutants?

  • Household cleaning products
  • Outdoor pollution
  • Materials used for construction
  • Gas appliances
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Personal care products


Why is it important to check your indoor air quality?

It’s critical to check indoor air quality because it can have serious consequences for your health in the future. You likely spend about half a day in your home so you are exposed to the air quality on a day-to-day basis and having clean air indoors can help you enjoy your time at home much more.


What can be done to help ensure good indoor air quality?

There are a variety of solutions that can be applied to help you have good air quality inside your home. 

These solutions can also be incorporated into your current HVAC system.


  • Air Purifiers

    Having an air purifier system can greatly help make your indoor air quality as great as possible. It’s a great system to have especially for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies.

  • Humidifiers

    Having a humidifier can also help you save on your home energy costs and with sinus relief.

  • UV Lights
    These can help you remove pollutants such as mold, viruses, and bacteria.


These solutions can help you improve indoor air quality while you wait to have a system installed:


  • Smoking Outside
    If anyone smokes in your household, ensure that this is done outside so that your home doesn’t get increasingly polluted with tobacco smoke indoors. Your visitors will thank you as well as it’s a smell that can be easily detected by anyone and you’ll help them visit you in a cleaner environment.

  • Less Spray Products
    Try to use less air fresheners and personal care products that involve spraying. If you have to use products like hair spray, spray-on deodorant, cologne or perfume, try doing so outside to reduce the amount of pollution from it entering your home.

  • Open Your Windows

    Ensure that windows are opened in times when there are more indoor air pollutants so that these don’t build up around your home.


  • Check Your Air Filters
    If you haven’t had your air filters changed in a while, it would be wise to change them. They can contribute to an increase in air pollution because everything that gets trapped in the filter can be spread throughout your home.

  • Use Kitchen Fan
    If you’ll be cooking then it’s wise to use the kitchen fan if you have one, if you don’t, using any other fan can help you move away from all those fumes produced by your stove & oven.


Having a home with the best air quality possible can be achievable. It’s ideal to have it be as clean as possible, especially during the Fall & Winter, a few people will want to open their windows so that all that warmth that their heater is providing them does not go away.

Learn more about your indoor air quality and how our air quality experts at Valley Air Conditioning & Heating can help you ensure that your indoor environment is as healthy as possible.


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